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December 9, 2016
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-Battling Onwards-

-Battling Onwards- Quiz

Hello and welcome to Valour Canada's -Battling Onwards- Quiz.

Good luck!!

- from the team at Valour Canada

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1. At the beginning of the summer of 1917, the situation was not looking positive to the Entente forces because of:
2. To make the odds more favourable towards the Canadian Corps in regards to taking Lens/Hill 70, Currie:
3. Prime Minister Borden’s Wartime Elections Act _______________ and his Military Service Act ___________ .
4. Three significant medical advancements that occurred during the Great War were:
5. In the Victory Bond Poster “Kultur vs. Humanity” that references the sinking of the Llandovery Castle, what does “Kultur” refer to?
6. Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture was absolutely exceptional because she was Canada’s only ___________ nurse to serve overseas during the First World War. (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)
7. Of the Canadian snipers in the Great War, ______________ was the most decorated, ______________ was Inuk (Inuit), and __________________ recorded his story on cowhide.
8. Which of the below was NOT a reason why Passchendaele was extremely difficult to take?

Thank you for attempting the quiz!

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