-Ending the War- Quiz

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May 3, 2017
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-Ending the War- Quiz

-Ending the War- Quiz

Hello and welcome to Valour Canada's -Ending the War- Quiz.

Good luck!!

- from the team at Valour Canada

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1. By the time the summer of 1918 arrived, the Canadian Corps was an extremely formidable fighting force because:
2. Factors in 1918 that influenced the end of the war included all of the following EXCEPT:
3. During their time away from the front during the last few months of 1917 and the first half of 1918, most Canadian soldiers engaged in all of the following EXCEPT:
4. The first battle of Canada’s Final 100 days was at __________ . The battle seen as the riskiest and most difficult by many of Currie’s superiors was the Battle of ____________ .
5. With regard to the Battle of Amiens, these two things stand out (CHOOSE TWO):
6. The last Canadian to die in the Great War, ____________ , died in Mons, Belgium, just before 11 AM on Nov. 11, 1918.
7. It is estimated that the Great War took between ______ million soldier lives, while the Spanish Flu claimed at least ____ million from the worldwide population.
8. The Armistice was signed in _________ and the Treaty of Versailles was signed in __________ .
9. Many would argue that the Treaty of _______, a sub-treaty of Versailles that divided up the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East, created some of the conditions that facilitate current ongoing ethnic conflict.

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