The Road to Vimy Ridge

Canada and the Great War

The Battle of Vimy Ridge in April of 1917 was both the apex of Canadian military success in the First World War and a deadly slaughter that resulted in greater than 10 000 casualties. The fact that all four Canadian divisions fought alongside one another for the very first time led not only to a sense of unity as a fighting force, but also to an emerging sense of nationhood back in Canada. 

“... in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation."
Brigadier General A.E. Ross
Canadian Soldier (1870-1952)

Their unexpected success in battle against an implacable foe earned Canadians a reputation as world-class warriors and granted Canada a seat at the peace negotiations table following the war.

Whether a student, a cadet, a scout, or an interested member of the public, an exploration of the modules contained within offers opportunities for the user to learn about Canada’s First World War military history that includes:

  • The causes and aftermath of the First World War, one of the most lethal wars in history.
  • Canadian engagements during the First World War, including the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
  • Interesting personalities and technological advancements that played key roles in Canada’s First World War experience.
  • How Canadian participation in the First World War has crafted and shaped ideas of nationhood that we, as Canadians, experience today.


Beginning in September 2016 and monthly thereafter until the centennial anniversary of the battle, Valour Canada will be publishing new materials to this website.

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1. The Great War Begins

Causation. War Declaration. Schlieffen Plan. Stalemate. Trench Warfare. Canada's Early Contributions. Air War.

2. Gearing Up

Julian Byng. Arthur Currie. Tunnels and Trenches. Preparing for Battle. Creeping Barrage. Capt. McKean.

3. Guns Blazing

Vimy Landscape. Raiding. Battle of Vimy Ridge. Vimy, Zero Hour. Animated Map. Victoria Crosses. J.G. Pattison.

4. Battling Onwards

Events in 1917. Medical Advances. Women in War. Edith Anderson. First Nations. Snipers. Hill 70. Passchendaele.

5. Ending the War

Kaiserschlacht. Shock Troops. Final 100 Days. Revolutions. Barrages. Canadian Op's 1915-18. Armistice. Treaties.

6. To Remember

Battle of Vimy: Context. Myth and Truth. Poppy. Canadian Identity. Walter Allward. Monument. Meaning.

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