Valour Canada's Second Shining Star Scholarship

Presenting our Winner, Competition 2 of 2

Ammaarah Patel

YouTube Video: The Treaty of Versailles: Did it facilitate the Second World War?

Ammaarah’s references can be viewed here.

Valour Canada's Inaugural Shining Star Scholarship

Presenting our Winner and Runner-up, Competition 1 of 2

First Place:

Kelly Mok

On the Causes of the First World War:

YouTube Video: The Causes of the Great War

Kelly’s references can be viewed at the end of the video.

Runner Up:

Selina Deng

On the Problematic Nature of Distinguishing between Terrorists and Freedom Fighters:

Painting: One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter

Click here for Selina’s explanation and her references.

Congratulations Ammaarah, Kelly, and Selina!

Valour Canada thanks all of the participating students for their hard work!

Valour Canada's Shining Star Scholarship

The aim of Valour Canada’s Shining Star Scholarship Contest is to expose Canadian students to Canada’s experience of the First World War in an engaging, thought-provoking, and memorable manner. The student who creates the best response to a question of their choosing from the list below will be awarded a $500 scholarship to be put towards their post-secondary education.

Students may present their answer in any format of their choosing, be it in a song, a poem, an essay, a sketch or painting, a video, a scrapbook, or in any other medium that logistically allows Valour Canada to receive the submission (ground mail, email, dropbox, youtube) before the given deadline.

Interested individuals should review all of the details below:

Competition #2 is now closed.

Scholarship 2 of 2 : Spring Competition

Deadline: Must be received by Valour Canada by 23:59 May 31, 2017 (now closed).

Evaluation Criteria: depth of thought, originality of presentation, content accuracy, attractiveness, and grammar. See Rubric

(Please ensure that proper and consistent referencing and citations are employed for any resources used in your response. Click for an automated referencing tool free to use. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.)

Please choose one from the following 4 questions:

1- Describe any evidence that supports the idea that Canada became a nation as a result of the successful attack on Vimy Ridge. Do you agree or disagree with that assessment and can you see any potential problems that stem from such an interpretation of Vimy Ridge’s role in Canadian history? Explain.  


2- Some would argue that Canada’s success in the First World War set the stage for a certain national trajectory throughout the latter part of the 20th century. Describe that trajectory and explain how it has been, or may have been, influenced by our country’s experience in the Great War. Then looking forward, show how Canada’s past experiences can be utilized today in order to have a positive impact on the world.  


3- Some scholars feel that the Treaty of Versailles ensured that there would be a Second World War. With what evidence do they make that argument and how valid do you believe their reasoning to be?   


4- Assume that you are a Canadian living your life through the latter part of 1916 and into the first few months of 1917. Choose a role, be it as a soldier or a nurse in Europe, maybe a mother or father at home in a prairie province; perhaps you wish to be the manager of a munitions factory or a member of parliament, or maybe you would prefer a persona other than those mentioned here. Play the role of your choice and write a series of correspondences to a loved one that gives the reader an idea of the impact of war upon your daily life and the joys and challenges that exist within it. (Alternatively: Play your role and, using a medium of your choice, present the joys and challenges that exist within your daily life.)


Good luck!!


Shining Star Scholarship Rules

Contest Rules

Valour Canada will be running 2 separate contests upon the Road to Vimy Ridge website. Both contests, scheduled to begin in Sept. 2016, will only run for the first 10 months of the website’s life. “Valour’s Shining Star Scholarship”, will recognize 2 winners, each of which having been chosen as the best submission from a pool of entries.

The following rules and regulations apply to the Scholarship contest and are in accordance with Section 74.06 of Canada’s Competition Act and Section 206 of Canada’s Criminal Code:

“Valour’s Shining Star Scholarship” Rules

  1. The contest is open to all Canadian citizens residing in Canada, excluding residents of Quebec, who are younger than 20 years old upon the date of the draw. There will not be regional allocation of prizes.
  2. No purchase necessary for contest entry.
  3. Contest entries must be emailed to and having been received by Valour Canada before the deadline indicated on the contest page.
  4. Two $500 scholarships will be awarded, one for each of the winners of the competition. The first winner will be chosen from Autumn 2016 entries, while the second winner will be chosen from the Winter 2017 entries. Scholarship winners will be responsible for any tax incurred by the win.
  5. The first scholarship contest will be open until 23:59 January 4, 2017. The second contest will be open until 23:59 May 31, 2017. Each winner will be chosen within 10 business days of contest closing and will be immediately contacted via email.
  6. Chance of winning will depend on the number of entries for each draw and the quality of the submission.
  7. Submitted entries will be evaluated based on the following 5 criteria: depth of thought, originality of presentation, content accuracy, attractiveness, and grammar. Valour Canada educators will select the best 5 submissions which will then be sent to the board of directors for final judging.
  8. A skill testing question must be answered correctly by the winner.
  9. Winners who do not respond via phone or email within 5 days of being contacted, who do not answer the skill testing question correctly, who cannot show proof of attendance at a college or university on a full-time or part-time basis for the upcoming academic year, or who do not sign our “ELIGIBILITY & LIABILITY/PUBLICITY RELEASE” will be disqualified and the scholarship will be awarded to the next in line as per the criteria outlined above. (Note that Valour Canada understands that some entrants may not have proof of attendance at the time of the January awarding. In that case, Valour Canada reserves the right to hold the scholarship in trust until June 30, 2017. If by that time the winner cannot provide proof of attendance, the scholarship will be awarded to the next in line winner)
  10. The “ELIGIBILITY & LIABILITY/PUBLICITY RELEASE” outlines that each winner consents to Valour Canada’s use of their name and address (town/city and province only) in any related publicity without further compensation.
  11. Valour Canada is not responsible for any complications negatively affecting any entries or any other errors or negligence that may arise in connection with the contest.
  12. Valour Canada also retains full rights to the administering of the contest according to the law and retains the right to terminate the bursary program at any time and without notice.
  13. ValourCanada takes your privacy very seriously.

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