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-Guns Blazing- Quiz

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1. The Arras Offensive, of which the attack at Vimy was a part, came about because French General ________ hoped that some of the German soldiers near the Aisne River would _________________________ and by doing so, help his own attack.
2. The _____________ was aptly named by the Germans because it prevented them from sleeping, eating, drinking, and repairing their defences.
3. The first country to begin trench raiding was __________ ; the __________ began in _____ .
4. Which of the following was NOT a factor in the failure of the massive trench raid on Mar.1, 1917?
5. Which of the following was NOT a factor in the success of the attack at Vimy on April 9, 1917?
6. The four Canadians who each earned a Victoria Cross at the Battle of Vimy Ridge were:
7. The words on a Victoria Cross are "_____________" and are found underneath a _________ .
8. Pattison was awarded the Victoria Cross on the second day of attack at Vimy for __________ .

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